Lina Scheynius – Photography

I wish I was Swedish. They’re all so effortlessly cool, stylish and blonde. Fuckers. I do realise that’s a bit of a generalisation. A bit like saying all Irish are drunk gingers. We kinda are though.

Anyway, here’s something else to add to my Scandi obsession; model-turned-photographer (see what I mean) Lina Scheynius. Her photos of beautiful girls, flora and fauna and gorgeous Swedish woodlands are dream-like and whimsical. Now London-based, she’s shot for magazines such as Vogue UK, Dazed & Confused, ELLE US and AnOther Magazine to name a few. She was snapped up by an agent after they came across her casual photos of her ex-boyfriend and friends on her Flickr and website. Her first ever job? A portrait of actress Charlotte Rampling for Dazed & Confused. Not bad at all.

Check out her incredible photography here.












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